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Whether you’re buying your first home, renovating a home, moving home loan, or simply looking to refinance an existing mortgage, we’ve got experts who can help you find a home loan that matches your exclusive requirements and circumstances.

We compare home loan options for you, so you can select from the most competitive interest rates available in Australia. You can enter the property market prepared as we can help you apply, upload your documents, get your loan approved, and do other legwork so that you have peace of mind.

Why Are We Your Best Partner in Choosing the Right Home Loan?

  • Competitive Interest Rates

We offer competitive interest rates giving you the best deal for your situation. Our panel of lenders can offer the best rates available in Australia.

  • Dedicated Home Lending Specialists

Make confident decisions with specialists who partner with you at every step of your home buying experience. Book an appointment and talk tour home loan specialists.

  • Fast Approval And Settlement

We don’t like wasting our client’s time. We can approve a home loan in a matter of days. We ensure the pending documents have been submitted and verified in time.

  • We Do All the Work For You

Now you don’t need to spend hours seeking through different websites to find the best home loans deals available. We do all the work for you to find a suitable loan.

  • Property Data And Insights

We offer you free and individually customised reports for your target property or suburban area. You can explore the market with our team of experts.

  • Safe And Secure

We believe in keeping the data of our clients safe and secure. You can rest assured as we have cutting-edge encryption standards.

How Does It Work?

Tell us About Your Property/Loan Needs

Share your idea of the right property, your financial situation and we will match you to a home loan expert who can guide you throughout the process.

Get Approved Faster

Loan Apply will guide you through the application process. Once you have pre-approval, you can easily buy your dream property.

The Features to Look For With Us-

  • Get a borrowing estimate within minutes
  • Lowest home loan interest rate in the market
  • Home loan deposit with a flexible and fixed rate
  • Smart home loan assistance
  • 100% online application with fast approval

Looking For Something Specific?

Buying a First Home:

Looking to break into the property market? We help you explore the first home buyer mortgage options and learn how to apply.

Buying Your Next Home:

We are the right place to be to find the right home loan for you. Compare home loan rates today.


Refinancing a home loan means when a homeowner swaps mortgages. In this scenario, they can stay with the lender or go to a different lender. We help you select the appropriate one.

Investor Home Loans:

Want to buy an investment property? Compare investment home loan rates and learn more about how investment home loan works.

Reverse Mortgages:

Reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows you to borrow money based on the equity you have in your home. We guide you about how reverse mortgages work.

Get in touch with Loan Apply today and we will help you complete your home loan journey!

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